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The delivery man repeatedly said 'I was choking' when he was arrested, new footage reveals

The delivery man repeatedly said ‘I was choking’ when he was arrested, new footage reveals

New pictures Posted on Tuesday, January 25th Release Document the last moments of 42-year-old Cedric Soviet and his father, who died in Paris two days after a police raid on January 3, 2020. He was hospitalized in critical condition and was pronounced dead on January 5.

In these pictures taken by the delivery man’s phone, we hear him say so “Suffocation” He was knocked to the ground by police officers. So far, police have always denied hearing the victim’s cries of anguish.

At the beginning of the video, which is more than three minutes long, we specifically hear the exchange between a police officer and Cedric Soviet after his arrest and the latter’s verbal communication. “That’s how you want to fine people, that’s your job.”First, Cédric Chouviat, filming the police after being fined. “Yes sir, you deliberately put oil on your plate to cover it”The policeman responds. “You do not even know it. Please do not touch me. My scooter is dirty, my plate is dirty, yes.”Cédric Chouviat responds.

Then the exchange becomes tense on both sides. That’s when the police grounded Cedric Sowett. “I stop. Hey, I’m short of breath. I gasped. I gasped. I’m short of breath … “ The delivery mane repeats nine times.

The day before the revelations, a new medical report on Cédric Chouviat’s death confirmed the responsibility of the three police officers, leaving the question of their voluntary character to the trial judge.

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In this document dated January 8, five medical professionals appointed by the judge retain the cause of death. “Simultaneous combination of several factors” Is formed from intermittent gestures “The brain became deprived of oxygen very quickly”.

There were no gestures interspersed while he was standing, nor did he fall “Caused by discomfort”According to experts.

The rearrangement of events must take place

“The problem arises from the moment an obese person with a narrow neck and helmet attached to the head under the chin finds himself in a ventral position with support and back support.They summarize in one sentence.

According to them, the death of Cedric Soviet was played: the movement back and forth“Forearm under the cheek” Have created one “Tracheal mechanical crushing” And some “Carotid”.

As mentioned ReleaseTo see if the police heard the words recorded through the microphone of Cédric Chouviat’s helmet.

To find out if the police were able to hear the cries of anguish of the delivery person, they should emphasize the controversial, reconstruction of events, the auditory aspect, which should be arranged as soon as possible. -Press (AFP).

The restoration of facts can then be played out “Deliberate violence causing death”A crime punishable by aides, as requested by the family.

When asked about the new medical expertise, Ms.e Laurent-Frank Leonard, a lawyer for the two police officers, declined to comment. Me The other two’s lawyer, Thibaut de Montpriel, did not respond to AFP.

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