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The designer created a modern commercial for the 1984 Macintosh -

The designer created a modern commercial for the 1984 Macintosh –

a Macintosh 128 K It was the first computer in the family Mac It was introduced by Apple in 1984. At that time, the company wanted to compete with IBM And to make his ad even more attractive, he launched one of the most memorable commercials in computing history – directed by Ridley Scott, which you can see below:

After nearly 40 years, both Apple computers and their commercials have evolved into new directions, and this was the thinking Suggestion Designer Thibaut Krebel.

He produced a commercial for the 1984 Macintosh, but in the visual language of today’s Apple commercials — very different from the original video, of course.

The commercial was superbly produced and thought out in every detail. Crepelle added animations, turned 2D interface elements into 3D, and also included a tribute to background Mac OS Monterey.

I wanted to pursue my idea of ​​creating modern motion designs for vintage products. […] The Macintosh was the perfect product for this: it was produced in 1984 and was the first large-scale product designed by Apple. Looking back, it is remarkably clear how the cornerstone of Apple’s entire philosophy was: design and user experience above all else.

Check it out below:

I’d say the look of the old Macintosh fits perfectly with the visual language of the new Apple commercials – and I’ve been looking forward to seeing these icons come true.

It’s really cool to see how the 128K Macintosh design elements continue to bounce back to this day. For those interested, the designer has provided more details of his own Creative process in a post on Behance.

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