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The diagnosis of the disease has been confirmed for six people in Gravataí – Giro de Gravataí

In the face of the epidemiological scenario in Rio Grande do Sul, the municipality of the city of Gravataí, through the Municipal Health Administration (SMS), has updated the data on the dengue situation in the city. According to the Municipal Health Surveillance (Viemsa), the municipality has so far recorded six confirmed cases of the disease, two of which are original (contracted in the city) and four are imported. Of the 77 reported cases, 4 have been ignored and another 67 are still under investigation.

Our teams do regular and daily work to combat Aedes aegypit, as well as respond to complaints. We emphasize that it is very important for people to do their part, not to let the water stagnate, and also to follow all preventive recommendations, as emphasized by the Municipal Health Minister, Regis Fonseca. The owner of the file warned that if symptoms of the disease appear, the Gravataienses will seek the nearest health unit for appropriate care.

The city government also confirmed that it has encouraged several measures against dengue fever in the municipality areas, which are aimed at controlling the spread and identifying outbreaks of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes. Yesterday, the 25th, endemic control elements, from the Nucleus for Surveillance of Biological Risk and Diseases – Viemsa, released smoke in the São Vicente neighborhood. In the coming days, visits to other neighborhoods are planned, including Bom Susiso, Morada do Valle, Parque dos Anjos and Vila Rica.

In addition, prevention work is carried out daily by Viemsa teams through home visits and at strategic points, such as cemeteries, tire shops, flower shops, scrap yards and building material deposits, as well as responding to complaints. To eliminate the spread of mosquitoes, it is necessary to eliminate breeding sites.

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Simple precautions help eliminate the risk of dengue mosquito outbreaks: Filling potted plants with sand and storing tires in covered spaces are some of these measures.

How to eliminate an outbreak of dengue fever:

– keep the water tank well closed;

– fill potted plants with sand;

– store tires in covered places;

– keep the bin tightly closed and dispose of garbage properly;

– remove papers and objects from gutters;

– always leave the bottles upside down;

– Clean pets’ water bowls with a brush or loofah.

Symptoms of the disease (if you have any of these symptoms find the nearest health unit):

– Headache;

– high temperature;

Muscle and joint pain.

Red spots on the skin.

Pain behind the eyes.

Nausea and abdominal pain.

In severe cases, there may be bleeding and fluid loss.