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The director reveals that many games are made

The director reveals that many games are made

The rumored saga involving the return of Silent Hill continues via reruns! After it was confirmed that the game received false information last month – and was branded in Korea shortly after – Christoph Ganz, director of the franchise reboot at movie theaterconfirms that there are new games in development.

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New Silent Hill games in development

Known for being one of the most influential franchises in the horror genre, Konami made its mark in the game industry’s history with Silent Hill, but has remained out of the spotlight since Silent Hills was canceled in 2016.

However, in a recent interview during the Strasbourg European Fantastic Film Festival (via Reset), says Christoph Gans, director of terror at Silent Hill (2006), that there are many games in the franchise in development at the moment.

“I work with the Silent Team, the original creators at Konami, there are a lot of games in development as we speak, and there are a lot of teams in this that, with a huge selection of games, are going to bring the franchise back, I think they were really impressed with the success of the games.” Resident Evil remakes which are clearly exceptional games.”

It looks like Hideo Kojima is not only working on Death Stranding 2, but also on the return of his most famous horror movie series with Silent Team.

Bloober Team is developing Silent Hill 2 Remake

During the interview, Christoph Jans confirmed that while he doesn’t work directly on games, he knows some details about production. According to him, while Silent Team is working on a new production, Bloober Team, which is also a Konami subsidiary, is currently working on a remake of Silent Hill 2.

“It’s Konami, they’re working on multiple games. The Bloober team is working on a rework of the second game, but there are many other teams.”

At the moment, nothing has been confirmed by Konami, but this wouldn’t be the first time rumors surrounding the horror franchise have surrounded social media. How can you check over herea new production of the franchise may have been registered in South Korea last month.

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