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Latifa på Instagram

The “disappeared” princess Latifa is said to have resurfaced – NRK Urix – foreign news and documentaries

It’s Princess Sheikha Latifa who has been slightly measured, but apparently relatively calm, and has been pictured with two other women in a mall, most likely in Dubai.

The princess has not been seen in public or heard from for several months.

It was the other two women who posted the photo, which appears to be real, according to a nice support group in England, but this has not been confirmed.

Support group: positive development

We can confirm that there were many potentially important and positive developmental traits in the campaign, writes David Hay The current situation.

He is one of the founders of the Latifa Freedom Campaign, which for several years tried to get Sheikha Latifa out of what she believes is a combination of house arrest and imprisonment in Dubai.

He further wrote that they would not comment further on the issue at this time.

to me BBC Latifa’s friends confirmed that Sheikha Latifa was the one who appeared in the photo, but other than that it was not possible to verify the authenticity of the photo or the time it was taken.

It was the BBC that in February published what it described as a video Sheikha Latifa had recorded a secret.

There she says she is being held hostage in a house in Dubai and that she could only have recorded the video message by sneaking into the toilet.

I tried to escape in a small boat

Latifa, or Latifa bint Muhammad Al Maktoum as her full name, became world famous when in 2018 she attempted on a small boat to flee from the United Arab Emirates to India.

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After a week in open water, the special forces ordered the boat and Latifa was repatriated.

She is one of the many sons of the 71-year-old Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, who practically ruled Dubai for nearly 25 years.

According to the BBC, the photo, which has now been posted, was taken in a large Dubai shopping mall known as Moe.

An advertisement for a film in the background might indicate that the photo was taken during the month of May. The photo was posted on Instagram on May 20.