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The Disciplinary Board opens cases before FC Porto and Femares Guimarães

The Disciplinary Board opens cases before FC Porto and Femares Guimarães

The Disciplinary Board (CD) of the Portuguese Football Federation (FPF) has taken disciplinary action against FC Porto and F. Guimarães, respectively due to events in the two matches against Portimonense at Studio do Dragao and Pacos de Ferreira at Afonso Enriques Stadium.

As Maisfutebol has learned, the disciplinary actions that appear in the sanctions map on the FPF CD, published Tuesday, relate to supporters’ behavior and the use of fireworks.

Porto conceded and beat Portimonense 7-0 in Round 30, on April 16. The day before, Guimarães beat Pacos de Ferreira 4-0.

Minho’s reception of beavers also deserved a fine, confirmed this Tuesday, of 5,420 euros, for incorrect behavior by the public.

This Tuesday, that’s also confirmed A month’s suspension for coach Boavista Petitwas expelled in Moreira de Conejos last Sunday.

Porto Club with a fine of approximately 35,000 euros

FC Porto was also punished with a fine of 30,600 euros for “statements made in the media”, in this case on the club’s channels “and also with a fine of 4,720 euros for “incorrect behavior of the public” in last Saturday’s match, against Vizela, specifically by use two flash lights And six pots of tobacco.

Sporting Gil Vicente: Gilista delegate suspended

Thiago Linho’s representative, delegate for last Sunday’s Gil Vicente match at Alvalade, was suspended for eight days and fined €561 for “protests against the refereeing team”. According to the penalty map, Linhou “deliberately left the technical area to protest to an element of the refereeing team with open arms and shouted: ‘It’s ours, if it’s not a penalty, it’s a corner’.”

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Derby: fine on Sporting

Sporting saw an initial fine of 14,665 euros reduced to 9,560 euros for the match against Benfica, in Alvalade, which was played on 17 April and related to the use of various pyrotechnic devices, from smoke pots to flash lightsBy torches and firecrackers.

Villafranquense fined for cutting grass

Villafrancoense was fined 1,785 euros for “failure to comply with regulatory duties”, related to the size of the turf, in last Sunday’s match against Benfica B.

“After inspection, it turned out that the grass was very high (30 cm), in most parts of the field, so the field manager was asked to cut it immediately, and he replied that the grass had been cut the day before. And there will not even be time for this procedure, since the cut will take about 3:30. In this way, immediately inform the representative of the university Match CenterAll efforts and communications have been made to resolve the matter without breaking it in an organizational manner. (…]In the inspection of the field of play carried out by the referee’s team, the league delegate and indeed with Mr. Campo, the referee also confirmed the height of the grass, which in the majority, his cut was not uniform, but before he played the match”, the document reads.

The FPF CD also states that the defense presented has been analyzed, but the disciplinary consequences are confirmed.