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The driver and his partner stopped limiting their blood alcohol – and they had children on their laps

Here they were stopped: at 19.40 on Saturday, the car was stopped by the police patrol on Sokndalsveen in Hönefoss.

Both the driver and his roommate had a blood alcohol level of over two. The woman had a small child on her lap.


On Saturday evening around 19.40, a police patrol in Hønefoss stopped a car in Sokndalsveen after receiving a report of a car colliding with another vehicle.

– The driver appeared very drunk to the police, says Operations Manager Trond Egil Groth.

A breathalyzer was tested, and the driver had two blows over the blood alcohol limit.

– In the passenger seat sat a lady who also exploded into two in the alcohol limit. On her lap sat a little boy.

The parents and two minor children were taken to the police station. Police said the driver was reported and taken away to protect him from evidence.

– It’s a very special case. The operations manager said the children sat and cried.

Sad hair ring. It’s a miracle no one was hurt. The ability for people to completely lose their judgment, Groth says, is completely incomprehensible.

The Child Welfare Service assists in further follow-up of the mother and child.


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