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The EDF looks forward to the incident at China's Taiwan nuclear power plant

The EDF looks forward to the incident at China’s Taiwan nuclear power plant

ETF experts provided technical details of the incident at EPR Reactor No. 1 at the Taishan plant in southwest China on Monday, June 14th.

A few hours ago, American television channel CNN U.S. officials warned of the malfunction on June 8 with Framadom, a subsidiary of EDF and the designer of the third-generation nuclear reactor, two of which have been operating in China since 2019.

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“We are not in the dynamic state of an accident by melting the heart”, Said a spokesman for the French team, thus reconsidering the seriousness of the problem. Although the operator has to do “Achieve Atmospheric Emission” Rare gases “In accordance with the regulatory limits set by the Chinese Defense Authority”, He adds.

It is the fuel assembly cladding, which is in the form of xenon and krypton escape in the primary compressed water circuit of the furnace building at the time of the split, he added.

In October 2020, when the Tyshan 1 reactor was restarted after refueling, uranium particles embedded in the zirconium casing. At this point – and based on information sent by its Chinese partners -, “It is too early to tell whether the furnace should be shut down to solve the problem identified”.

“Product Deficiency”

A similar incident has already taken place in France. “According to the rules of operation, the reactor must be shut down beyond a certain concentration of these rare gases. Karin Hervio, deputy director general of the Radiation Safety and Atomic Energy Agency (IRSN), recalled. There is no information on this portal and whether it has been reached or not. When this type of event took place in France, the EDF did not reach the threshold set by the operating rules and was able to wait until the end of the cycle to remove the defective stems. “

How to explain such an incident? “It may or may not be due to a manufacturing defect in the envelopes Immigrant bodies (Moving screws …), Answers MMe Hervio. Fuel assemblies produce Fromadom at its plant in Romania-sur-Iser (Dream). “Obviously, because Tyshan’s No. 1 furnace is a seed [c’est même le premier EPR mis en service dans le monde], We are going to follow this very closely ”, She warns. Experiential feedback should be particularly beneficial to EPR (Manche) in Flamenville, whose connection to the network is now scheduled for 2023.

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