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The eldest son of Maria Joao Abreu "turns" to work: "Fortunately I found a giant shoulder" - patriot

The eldest son of Maria Joao Abreu “turns” to work: “Fortunately I found a giant shoulder” – patriot

Miguel Raposo, son of Maria Joao Abreu and Jose Raposo, Back to Recordings “The Queen and the Catfish”, The new series of Sérgio Graciano for RTP And just thanks to colleagues for the help they provided in the moment of mourning.

“This project is taking place in a very difficult period of my life. It was not a business,” Miguel Raposo began saying in a text message on Instagram.

“I’m fortunate to be able to do what I love, and therefore don’t have to work, in most cases. I don’t believe in work either, in light of Agostinho da Silva’s quick words. Life is not made for work, but yes. To live. Unfortunately, we still don’t live like this. We’re not allowed to. But on this particular project, though everyone has mastered it, I must make an honorable mention to Sergio Graciano, who easily gave me the opportunity to surrender. Who does “work”. He wouldn’t let him down if he wanted to rest in this difficult mourning. Whoever understands me and extends his hand if I need to fall.”

Fortunately I found a giant shoulder in this series, in this encounter with wonderful people, The help was able to stay active with everyone. Thank you for everything. I didn’t work. He said as well.

Miguel embraced the project enthusiastically, but in May he was surprised to Maternal aneurysmAfter deciding to get away in time, Father, Jose Raposo, and stepfather, Joao Soares.

This is the 35-year-old actor’s return to the novel after appearing in “Blow of Luck” and in the unreleased film “O Som que Desce na Terra”. Miguel is also scheduled to return to the stage in September with “Chicago.”

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Maria Joao and Jose are also the parents of Ricardo Raposo, 28.

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