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The elixir of youth is bad for Basecens and Benfica bid farewell to victory

The elixir of youth is bad for Basecens and Benfica bid farewell to victory

The Benfica said goodbye, Friday, to the 2021/22 season, with a 2-0 victory over Paco de Ferreira, in the 34th and last round match of the first Spanish League.

In a youth-filled match on the red side, aimed at showing service to new coach Roger Schmidt, it was up to Henrique Araujo to score the red’s two winning goals at Mata Real.

Game movie:

With no achievable goals this season, and as promised in this match preview, Nélson Veríssimo has launched a starting lineup at Mata Real, made up mostly of Seixal-trained players. The match was started by Henrique Araujo, Thiago Gouveia, Tomas Araujo, Sandro Cruz, Paulo Bernardo and Morato.

Even through players from the Red Academy, the first goal of the match came after just four minutes. Thiago Gouveia recovered the ball in the middle of the field, following him with the ball and isolating Henrique Araujo in the central defense. The striker only had to shoot through the back of the opposite net.

Despite the Reds’ early goal, Pacos de Ferreira managed to put Benfica into meaning and forced Hilton Leite, captain of the team in this season’s farewell match, to make some good saves that kept the red goal zero.

Bold, Beavers could equalize in the 22nd minute and soon enough through ex-Benfica Nico Gaitan. Juan Delgado’s cross from the right, Gilberto eased into the small area against Gaetán and the Brazilian Hilton Leite managed to avoid the goal at the limit. Before, the Canary had already called off a dangerous shot from the Argentina international.

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Paços de Ferreira was on top of the game at this point and Hélder Ferreira once again tested Hélton Leite’s attention. Having easily bypassed Sandro Cruz, the striker from Bassens threw a cross into the good Brazilian defense. The same beaver player tried his luck again in the 44th minute. Gaetan Helder isolated Ferreira, but Hilton blocked the goal in his face.

However, even at the beginning of the first half, Benfica interrupted the rise of the home team with a goal from Henrique Araújo, who scored two goals in the match. The child from Madeira benefited well from Gil Dias’ cross and scored his third goal in the first team shirt.

The second half started with a move that would have awarded a hat-trick to young Henrique Araujo. In the 54th minute, Gil Dias appeared with a good cross pass from the right and Marco Bixinho managed to deflect Divine Providence with a header when Henrique Araujo was ready to shoot from close range.

Pacenses showed a lot of courage, as in the first half, he could have reduced Mata Real’s advantage. However, a few errors when it came to the finish meant that Cesar Peixoto’s Beavers were unable to score against the Hilton Leight. Denilson Jr. was still firing a shot into the central area that the canary had defended in the face. On the other hand, Lucas Silva threw a ball that passed near the red goal post.

With the match over, Nelson Verissimo decided to promote the appearances of two youngsters Martim Neto and Diego Moreira, who had recently become UEFA Youth League champions. Until the end, the Eagles controlled the match well and ended the season with a victory.

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Overall, Benfica finished the season in third place with 74 points. Paços de Ferreira is ranked 10th with 38 points, and could finish the tournament lower, depending on the performances of Boavista and Famalicão.

game time: Good offensive move Benfica in the design of the first goal. Thiago Araujo did well on the wing and presented to Henrique Araujo, who threw a cross for the second goal this season in the Spanish League.

Starting difference:

Ferreira Palace: André Ferreira, Fernando Fonseca, Marco Bixinho, Pedro Ganchas, Delgado; Luis Carlos and Roy Perez; Helder Ferreira, Gitan, Lucas Silva; Putzky.

Alternatives to Paços de Ferreira: James, Nuno Lima, Bastos, Ibrahim, Machui Diallo, Denny Jr., Beau, Maga, Edmilson Mendes.

Benfica: Helton Leite ; Gilberto, Morato, Tomas Araujo, Sandro Cruz; Mitti, Paolo Bernardo, Joao Mario, Thiago Gouvia; Gil Dias and Henrique Araujo

Benfica alternatives: Svilar, Cocobo, Andre Almeida, Vertonghen, Tarapet, Martim Neto, Diego Gonçalves, Diego Moreira and Yarmechuk.


The duel between Paços de Ferreira and Benfica marks the start of the final round of the I Liga on Friday, in a match that nearly meets the schedules for both teams, but could contribute to establishing Darwin Nunez as the tournament’s top scorer.

With third place already confirmed, and after another season without titles, the Eagles face Paços de Ferreira, currently 10th seed, who may still have a slight change in the table, up or down, given the slight difference between 7th and 12th. .

With many junior players out, due to suspension, injury or just a technical choice, Nelson Verissimo has called up, among others, youngsters Martim Neto and Diego Moreira, who have recently become UEFA Youth League champions and could debut in the first team.

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Uruguayan international Darwin Nunez is one of those who will not play in Mata Real, but he should be crowned La Liga top scorer, as he scored 26 goals, six more than Iranian Midi Tarimi.

The match between Paços de Ferreira and Benfica is scheduled to start at 8:15 pm and you can follow the match live. sports per minute.

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