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The employee?  Here's how to request income support

The employee? Here’s how to request income support

aEmployees may request Social Security access to Exceptional Worker Income Support (AERT). The Institute for Social Security (ISS) released a video clip with Prof. Practical case Which explains who can access it and how it can be requested.

O AERT de MarchRemember, it can be requested Until April 16, according to Posted a note No ISS site works.

The minister said that Social Security has received 60,000 applications for AERT, of which 39,000 have been approved and 21,000 are still under review. Anna Mendes Godinho is in Parliament this week.

Plus, it was AERT Elongated, elongated, elongated For more workers, it will now cover the decline in profits recorded in the first quarter of 2021 compared to 2019 or compared to 2020 “for those who did not make profits in 2019”.

The changes will have a retroactive effect through January and those who see their application rejected will still be able to access support, if they meet the new requirements, as Social Security sends emails to beneficiaries on Monday anticipating this possible first-quarter income statement.

AERT went into effect in January with OE2021 and is intended for workers at Economic deprivation Due to the pandemic, it provides support between € 50 and € 501.16, but is subject to resource conditions (defined in terms of household income) in most cases.

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