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The new record for Sunday: Electricity at heights - Energy

The energy crisis is making a new low. Simple Energy Leaves Marketing “Temporarily” – Energy

Energia Simples, a brand of PH Energia, is one of the energy traders to take clients to the regulated market operator. Público . newspaper Advance in this Thursday’s release that the company has already notified customers that they will be supplied by SU Electricidade.

“For strategic reasons and taking into account market conditions, we have decided to temporarily withdraw from commercial activity,” the official source for the Porto-based company told the newspaper. According to the company, the goal is to “continue to operate in the Portuguese market in representation of producers [de energia renovável] And in buying energy, maintaining sales in Spain, which is going positive.”

Energia Simples has indicated to customers that it is currently going through a “period of significant instability,” affecting the wholesale electricity market. In order to “protect and ensure the best interest” of nearly seven thousand customers, 99% of whom are commercial customers, the power supply is now provided by SU Eletricidade. “Our clients will have more competitive energy fees than we can offer them,” a source from the trader admitted to the newspaper.

High prices in the wholesale electricity market are putting pressure on companies in this sector. This week, ERSE, the regulator responsible for the energy sector, Announced that customers of HEN – Serviços Energéticos You will now have their electricity supply guaranteed by SU Eletricidade, a supplier of last resort.

In a statement, ERSE notes that HEN “no longer has the conditions to guarantee supply to its customers, due to non-compliance with obligations arising from its operations in the electricity market.” According to ERSE’s note, this transition to a supplier of last resort – a function performed by SU Electric that supplies all customers who did not choose a market supplier – is part of the regulation, in order to ensure supply to consumers in situations where “the seller is prohibited from doing so, i.e. due to legal impediment or insolvency.”

HEN has approximately 3,900 clients, which will now be served by SU Eletricidade.

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