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The European Commission forces Apple to withdraw

The European Commission forces Apple to withdraw

The intervention of the European Commission led to… Apple has reinstated Epic Games' developer account. This development represents an important victory for Epic, allowing it to pursue its goals of launching a competing App Store app on iOS and potentially marking the return of Fortnite to the Apple platform.

The company confirmed the recovery of the Epic account in a post it published on its own portalIt was stated that Apple had committed to the European Commission to restore the account. This action, according to Epic, is a strong signal that the European Commission is committed to enforcing the Digital Markets Act (DMA) and holding those responsible for protecting markets, such as Apple, accountable.

European Commissioner Thierry Breton also spoke on the matter, expressing his satisfaction with Apple's decision to overturn Epic's exclusion. He highlighted the rapid action taken by the European Union following communications with Apple and highlighted the effectiveness of the Digital Markets Act in obtaining tangible results.

However, relations between Apple and Epic are still very tense, with Epic accusing Apple of violating the DMA by terminating its developer account. Epic claims that Apple's actions hinder competition on iOS devices, especially regarding third-party app stores, such as the upcoming Epic Games Store. On the other hand, Apple justifies its actions by citing Epic's public criticism of its proposed DMA compliance plan and claims that Epic poses a threat to its ecosystem.

However, despite these disputes, Epic is highlighting its long-standing collaboration with Apple, citing several collaborations dating back to 2010. However, the conflict highlights broader issues of power imbalance and the need for greater competition and choice in the market. digital.

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The solution to this conflict comes in the context of increasing scrutiny on technological monopolies and calls for regulatory intervention to ensure fair competition.