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The European Union passes the Single Charger Law for Mobile Devices

Starting in 2024, all phones, tablets and cameras in European Union countries will have to support the USB-C format. The European Parliament’s decision is a defeat for Apple, as the European Parliament on Tuesday (4/10) approved a law requiring technology companies to ensure that every smartphone, tablet and camera has the same charger in the bloc countries. The rule, which was approved in June by the 27 member states and will take effect in 2024, is expected to have a greater impact on the Apple brand, which will have to change connectors to the more popular USB-C format. For years, the American giant fought the switch, arguing that it would create mountains of e-waste. However, analysts believe that the change tends to boost the sale of new Apple products, due to the fact that consumers are more interested in purchasing parts with a USB-C connection. E-readers, headphones, and other devices that require recharging will also be affected. Therefore, large companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Amazon will have to adapt to the new rules. The proposal has been debated for years in the European Union (EU) after consumers complained about the wide variety of chargers. The European Commission estimates that a single shipper will save Europeans around €250 million (US$247.3 million). In 2019, a study by the commission found that about half of phones sold in the EU had a micro-B USB connector. Another 29% are based on USB-C, and 21% are based on Apple Lightning. Brussels believes that a standardized cabling model for all devices can reduce e-waste on the continent. GB (AFP, Reuters)

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