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The far right is hijacking young voters on TikTok

The far right is hijacking young voters on TikTok

Paris (Aftenposten): They are under 30 years old and are far-right stars. This is how they attract young voters.

The short version

In a popular Paris nightclub, Jordan Bardella meets young voters.

The new star in France is Marine Le Pen's party leader, National Samling.

The 28-year-old is being criticized by political opponents for appearing to be… arrogant. He was accused of posting racist comments on social media under false pretenses name. Because he is pro-Russian.

But it all seems to bounce back from Bardella, who is called her mother-in-law dream From a party member.

Not only in France are young voters flocking to far-right parties. Experts point out that several of these parties are performing particularly well in the arena: Tik Tok. They both have more followers and more active.

Are young people in Europe being radicalized by social media content?

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