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Imagem do carro elétrico Faraday Future

The Faraday Future FF91 electric car has finally arrived to rival Tesla

Faraday future born in 2014 and We are starting to hear about it As a brand that will “fight” Tesla has captured the market. That is, Faraday’s electric cars were designed to fill a portion of the electric car segment where Tesla has dominated and continues to dominate. However, Elon Musk has grown and this Los Angeles, California-based brand is only now putting its cars in the hands of customers.

The announcement, which was sent via Twitter, has set a release date for next Wednesday, February 23. As mentioned earlier, the car now only needs “final engineering approvals and certificates” to proceed to assembly.

Faraday Future FF91 will hit the market in 2022

In the automotive industry, "intent to production" generally refers to vehicles that were built to the specifications of the same production models before actual production began. Some "final engineering verifications and certifications" still need to be done before the brand actually begins manufacturing to deliver electric vehicles to customers.

According to company data released last week, production of the FF91 is set to begin later this year at its plant in Hanford, California. Faraday began work on converting the former Pirelli tire plant into an assembly plant, after abandoning plans for a new plant in North Las Vegas, Nevada.

The FF91 was revealed as what Faraday called a production model in January 2017, and the company launched its first pre-production FF91 from its Hanford facility in the summer of 2018. At the time, Faraday said it planned to deliver its first vehicles to customers as soon as possible, And still in December of that year.

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Financial difficulties later halted progress, but Faraday secured new funding last year from China's Geely, as well as a SPAC deal that saw the company's shares begin trading on Nasdaq.

Although it is not yet ready to deliver the FF91 crossovers to customers, Faraday is planning to produce a second model called the FF81. Last week, the company announced an agreement with South Korean auto parts supplier Myoung Shin to build the FF81 at the former General Motors plant in Gunsan, South Korea, starting in 2024.

The FF81 is expected to be a larger size with a lower price point than the FF91, which is expected to start in the six-digit range.