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The fastest YouTube review to speed up videos?  Science says yes!

The fastest YouTube review to speed up videos? Science says yes!

Since the beginning of the health crisis, many things in our daily lives have changed. In particular the way we work or study. Yes, face to face, away … These words are now an integral part of our vocabulary. For students, registering courses and then making them available online is a fairly common story these days. And some view them in quick motion to save time. But is it really useful? A study from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) appears to confirm this.

We learn fast too!

Since the democratization of this method of study, many studies have focused on this topic: Does watching quick videos of courses interfere with learning? The results are often very divided. Yes No … In the end, no one agrees.

So UCLA did a new study on this and it seems like intensive courses aren’t a bad idea. In fact, the researchers selected 231 students and divided them into four groups for the experiment. The first group watched the course at normal speed, the second group watched the course at normal speed 1.5 times, the third group watched the track at twice the speed, and finally the last group followed the course 2.5 times faster.

After watching these videos for about a quarter of an hour, regardless of speed, the students had to answer forty comprehension questions. The verdict is surprising: there is not much difference between the results of the students.

Those who watched the course at normal speed averaged 26 correct answers out of 40, while groups who watched the course 1.5 times or twice as fast gave 25 correct answers. On the other hand, it gets worse when you go too fast. In fact, students who took the course 2.5 times faster did not perform well with an average of 22/40.

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A week later, the four groups were asked to answer more comprehension questions, on the same topic, of course, to see what had already been memorized. And again, the first three sets did well. Therefore, taking an intensive course does not preclude understanding in the short or long term.

“Surprisingly, video speed has very little effect on instant and delayed comprehension at up to 2.5 times the normal speed.”Found Dillon Murphy, a doctoral student in psychology at the University of California. So taking your courses on an intensive course wouldn’t be a bad idea. But beware of more complex topics, perhaps.

The scientists were forced to study and it would be more appropriate to watch a video twice in fast motion than once in normal speed. like what…