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"The fattest boy in the world": - Elfil has changed

“The fattest boy in the world”: – Elfil has changed

16-year-old Arya Permana from Indonesia was referred to as the “world’s fattest boy” by the global press in 2016.

He was then ten years old and at his heaviest. Showed an impressive weight of 192 kilograms, which made headlines around the world.

But today the situation is completely different.

Soon Permana, who is from the city of Karawang on the Indonesian island of Java, was put on a strict diet and exercise plan, which caused him to lose weight dramatically.

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Significant weight loss

With the good help of personal trainer Ade Rai (52), the 16-year-old managed to reduce his weight by more than half.

They started the long road to a normal body weight after Permana’s story broke around the world in 2016.

Permana, who at one time had to wash in the pool on the balcony because he could not find a place in the bathroom – dropped to 87 kilos.

The big change was also praised on social media by Rai, a well-known bodybuilder in his native Indonesia with over 600,000 followers on Instagram.

– The support I can provide is by telling his parents the importance of a good and permanent diet and encouraging them to continue to support and motivate him, as Rai previously mentioned to Jakarta Post.

– Now Arya has become a symbol of hope. People say, “Even when Arya can lose weight, sure can I?”

Praise from above

Arya Permana’s transformation also garnered attention and support from political circles in Indonesia.

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Member of Parliament Didi Mulyadi, 51, met the boy in 2016, shortly after his story was widely covered in his home country and the rest of the world.

This summer, the politician shared several before and after photos of the boy Instagramwhere he also praises the 16-year-old for losing weight and making a huge life change.

There you can see the boy’s great transformation in a series of photos:

Al-Mulaidi wrote in the post:

“12. In July 2016, I visited Arya Permana when he was receiving treatment at Hassan Saddekin Hospital in Bandung. At that time he weighed 192 kilograms. Now I read in the media that Arya has a body like any other child.”

He completed:

“Today is a handsome boy. Stay healthy, son. A bright future awaits you.”

In addition to the 16-year-old changing his diet and starting to exercise, he also underwent bariatric surgery where his stomach shrank, which is known as gastric bypass which according to NHI Means there is less space for food in the stomach.

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breathing difficulties

Arya Bermana became more or less famous overnight when his story became known in 2016.

Father Addy Somatri said in a television interview with the news agency Barcroft That the son was spoiled with food.

On a normal day, he would eat five meals, including rice, fish, beef, and vegetable soup. My favorites were the soda and the pasta.

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The amount of food corresponds to the daily intake of two adults.

In the same interview, Permana stated that his greatest wish was to lose weight.

Before the boy got help, the parents were very concerned about their son’s health. He struggled to breathe and had to drop out of school because he could no longer walk.

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He had to wash in an outdoor pool – and for lack of proper clothing, he only wore his robe around his waist.

He is always tired and can’t catch his breath properly. The worried mum told the British tabloid that the only thing he does is sleep and eat, and when he doesn’t, he jumps in the pool and stays there for hours. the sun in 2016.