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The favorites to win were revealed on the first day

The favorites to win were revealed on the first day

a WWE Perform your first Pay per view of the year this Saturday, and day 1, from State Farm Arena in Atlanta, Georgia, and there’s plenty of anticipation to see who will emerge as the winner of various scheduled matches.

Watch the fights announced in WWE Day 1

according to Prospect From BetOnline, there are already favorites to win more soon. Starting with the main titles, WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns (-265) is the favorite against Brock Lesnar (+180), while WWE Champion big (-195) is the favourite against Seth Rollins (+325), Bobby Lashley (+375) and Kevin Owens (+400).

about the raw Women’s Championship, Becky Lynch (-600) is the favorite against Liv Morgan (+350), while SmackDown Tag Team champions The Usos (-250) is the favorite against New Day (+170). Finally, Edge (-300) is the favorite to win against Feature (+200).

So far there is no Prospect Available for the remaining battles announced for the first day.

While these are many of the favorites to win on Day One tonight, it should be remembered that this is only an indicator based on fan bets and does not represent who will actually win each match.

Who do you think will win each of the rounds scheduled for the first day?

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