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The FBI warns you not to charge your smartphone at public chargers

Nowadays, it is common to find public charging stations for mobile devices in shopping malls, airports, or even stores.

If you usually use these places to upload a smart phoneNow, the FBI has issued an alert for you to stop doing this if you want to ensure the security of your data.

If you have been charging your smartphone at public charging stations, stop doing so now

If you’re walking around in public places and your battery dies, there are several spaces that are already starting to offer places set up so you can plug in your smartphone to charge it.

While this is a very useful service, the FBI warned Now even these sites are avoided to reduce the chances of being the target of “juice theft”.

What is a “juice raise”?

“Juice break-in” is a type of attack where hackers are able to install malicious code at public charging stations so that they can read equipment data, steal it and even, in some cases, track its location.

Historically, these attacks are most likely to occur on Android devices, although iPhones and other iOS devices are not immune.

How to avoid being the target of a “juice break” attack?

The best way to avoid being affected by this type of attack is to choose not to charge your smartphone at these public charging stations.

Instead, choose to carry an external battery with you that you can use at any time, or take a charger with you so you can plug it into an outlet to charge it.

As convenient as it is to charge in a place where you already have connectors ready for charging, it’s important to put your security and privacy first.

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