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The feedback comes from the legend

The feedback comes from the legend

“I have to stop by London today. No plastic watch and ring! Congratulations, Sadiq Khan!”

Cricket legend Kevin Pietersen, 43, posted this message along with a photo of his hand on the X on Tuesday, and it didn't take long for reactions to take place. He is a South African-English cricket commentator.

The 43-year-old is 1.93 years tall and of strong build, but believes it is not safe to walk around the streets of London carrying valuables with him. He was previously photographed wearing a watch worth NOK 260,000, the Daily Mail writes.

That's why he also pointed to the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, who he clearly believes has not done enough to reduce crime in the UK capital. The latter did not comment on the case.

Petersen's post received more than ten million views and nearly 7,000 people commented on his performance. Many suggest that there is nothing better in his native South Africa, and many believe that he is exaggerating. They are also the ones who praise him for the message.

TV personality Piers Morgan is among those who commented on the post X.

“Scared of Kevin. If anyone sees him, he is 1.93 years old and built like a wall. He has spent half his life in the African bush surrounded by wild animals and is used to having balls thrown at him at over 100mph. “I hope he survives the trip Day trip to London,” Morgan wrote sarcastically.

Sarcastically: Piers Morgan. Photograph: Reuters/Belinda Jiao/NTB
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Thefts are said to have increased by 27 per cent in London last year. 60 percent of crimes in the west end of the big city involve theft.

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