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The field hospital to combat dengue fever opened on Monday in the city of DF

The field hospital to combat dengue fever opened on Monday in the city of DF

60 beds will be provided to serve patients around the clock. The Federal District has seen a 920% increase in cases this year

The field hospital set up this weekend in the Federal Territory will begin treating patients with dengue symptoms on Monday (January 5, 2024). 60 beds will be available to serve patients 24 hours a day. The unit contains two hydration rooms, one for adults and one for children, in addition to a laboratory for collection and tests to diagnose the disease.

The field hospital of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB) was established in Sealandia, an administrative area of ​​the French Defense Forces located 30 km from the Esplanada dos Ministérios. The place is the most populous in the federal unit and has the highest number of dengue cases recorded to date.

Our goal is to mitigate UPAs [Unidades de Pronto-Atendimento] region, given that today the Federal District accounts for about 20% of dengue cases in the country“Highlighted the Air Force Commander, Air Lieutenant Marcelo Canitz Damasceno.

The Emergency Care Unit is located next to UPA Ceilândia and Cidade do Sol Hospital, in Special Zone D, via P1 Norte. In all, 29 military health professionals, including doctors, nurses and laboratory technicians, will work in the unit. The site must operate for 45 days.

Explosion of cases

Residents of the DF region have experienced a 920% increase in dengue cases this year compared to last year. 29,500 cases of dengue were confirmed in the capital in 2024, of which more than 7,000 were in Selandia. Six people have already died from the disease in the federal district.

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The situation led the DF government to declare a state of emergency on January 25, requesting support from the federal government. In total, 247 soldiers were trained to strengthen disease control through home visits.

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