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HomesportThe fight for a place in Benfica's attack promises to heat up

The fight for a place in Benfica's attack promises to heat up

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Arthur Cabral is in good form, Marcos Leonardo appears, and Tengstedt is almost recovered

It seems that Benfica has finally succeeded in deciding the departure of its top scorer, Gonzalo Ramos, at the beginning of the current season to Paris Saint-Germain.

After a poor start to the season, Arthur Cabral, the Brazilian striker whom the Eagles bought from Fiorentina – for €20 million – has become more adaptable, performing well and scoring goals. Arthur Cabral has six goals and two assists in 25 matches and was a starter in the last five rounds of the league. He achieved an average of one goal scored every 180 minutes of play.

Arthur Cabral's bike voted Goal of the Month;  Remember what it was like (video)

Benfica fans chose the goal scored by the Brazilian striker against Estrela da Amadora, in the 19th round of the league. Watch Arthur Cabral's amazing move below

However, he now faces competition from Marcos Leonardo, the 20-year-old young goalscorer, signed in January from Santos – for €18m – and who at Benfica, as a substitute, scored three goals in four matches, one goal. Every 28 minutes on the field.

Marcos Leonardo will not yet have the physical conditions necessary to be a starter. But the question arises: Who will be the best striker in Benfica?

“Benfica will need Cabral and Leonardo.”

Diogo Luis, former Benfica left-back and A BOLA columnist

“The best thing that could happen to Marcos Leonardo is for Arthur Cabral to start scoring goals, so that he can have someone in front of him with confidence and thus have less pressure and more time to adapt,” he begins recalling, in a conversation with A Bola, Diogo Luis, former Benfica defender. And sports commentator.

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“In terms of characteristics, I think Marcus Leonardo will adapt better to Roger Schmidt's playing style, even though he has not yet reached his peak. He has one thing more than the others, he has a goal and that's why he scored three goals in four games and missed another great chance against Estoril. Arthur Cabral is a local man. Although he is making an effort to adapt, he is in the zone where he can make a difference and needs people to play with him more than ever. The return of Bah, who reaches the baseline more and crosses more, may benefit him. If Benfica want to be a more aggressive, aggressive team when winning the ball back, Marcos Leonardo seems to fit the idea better. But it is important to have both, Benfica will need them. They bring different dynamics, but they will have time to play and both will be important. I think they both bring superior quality to Tengstedt,” concluded Diogo Luis, touching on a point that could be new tomorrow, during Gil Vicente’s reception: Tengstedt.

The Danish striker has been away from the field since December last year due to a muscle injury, but his return to the field is imminent.

Benfica: Tungstedt is the closest to returningBenfica: Tungstedt is the closest to returning

The applicant is in the final stage of recovery from a muscle injury; But there is still doubt about the match with Gil Vicente, Sunday, in Luz

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