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The finale is under heavy criticism for the use of artificial intelligence in character voices

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The Finals, a shooter developed by some former Battlefield developers, uses AI-produced voice acting.

This information was presented in Spotify’s Meet the Makers podcast (via Computer gamesN), revealing that most of the sounds that will appear in the game were created using artificial intelligence. Below you can see a video compiling several lines from the game, with many users pointing out their lack of realism.

“We use AI with some exceptions,” said Andreas Almstrom, audio director, during the Meet the Makers podcast. “So all of our contestant and commentator voices are text-to-speech AI.”

“The reason we went down this path is because of that [a conversão de texto em fala] “It’s ultimately very powerful,” Almstrom said. “This takes us far enough in terms of quality and allows us to be very reactive to new ideas and keeps things really fresh.”

On the contrary, what a studio representative calls “voices” — sounds like the player’s breathing, grunts, or those a character makes when jumping — were recorded in the studio, where the AI ​​that converts text to speech can’t reproduce them yet. .

Some actors have already come out to show their dissatisfaction with this situation. “I would once again encourage developers to reconsider the use of sound in their games.” This is what Pax Helgesen said in a post that you can see below. Actor Kate Harrison also used the X platform to express his displeasure, and these are just a few examples.

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