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The fire in Ariel has already wreaked havoc on twenty hectares

The fire in Ariel has already wreaked havoc on twenty hectares



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A Fire On Tuesday, April 6, more than 150 people were forced to flee their homes in Ariel, near Marseille (Poochs-du-Ron). The fire, which is fueled by wind, already covers an area of ​​twenty hectares.

Theo Chamann, journalist from France Televisions, is in double place from Ariel (Poochs-du-Ron), where A violence Fire Announced Tuesday, April 6th. “This Fire In the Ragagnas Massif, north of Ariel was induced in the afternoon, Refers to the journalist. This is a very steep mass, which complicates the task of firefighters, who are gathered in large numbers here.“270 employees,”Mostly assisted by firefighters from Pouches-du-Ron and marine firefighters from Marseille“Are on display, supported”Four canals and one line “. They have already made 35 drops since the afternoon.

The fire is still there “Not fixed“Early in the morning, he informs the journalist, he adds it.”Firefighters will be mobilized overnight in the area“. Arielin Townhall has a relief plan for its part. “To keep some of its population“. Thus a hundred people have taken refuge at their request or in the town hall.Transferred to a gym tonight“, Refers to Theo Saman.

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