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The first European child born to two mothers is born in Spain Science and health

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Azahara, 27, and Estefanía, 30, with the baby and doctors in Spain – Photo: Disclosure / Juaneda Hospitals

The first baby in Europe was born by a two-woman couple on Monday in a hospital located in Mallorca, Spain. The boy, named Derek, was born in the maternity ward at Juaneda Miramar Hospital. The baby is in perfect health and weighs 3.3 kg.

Derek is the son of Azahara, 27, and Estefania, 30. The two used the new INVOcell system. It is a device that works like a small incubator, but unlike in vitro devices, it is placed under the cervix of one of the women, allowing the fetus to develop during the first few days inside the body, rather than in a laboratory.

It was Azahara who took the INVOcell capsule, according to the Spanish television network IB3. This stage of the process allowed the embryo to begin developing. Once developed, the INVOcell was extracted with the embryo inside and transferred to Estefania’s uterus, which she carried for approximately nine months.

“When I was offered to put it on my cervix for five days, it was as if it was inside me too,” Al-Zahraa told IB3. The pregnancy process began in March of this year.

Juaneda Miramar Hospital stated, in a note published on its website, that “this procedure provides great emotional value given that the two women share in carrying the fetus.”


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