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The first kiss happened in the Big Brother house… but those involved will surprise you!  -Big brother

The first kiss happened in the Big Brother house… but those involved will surprise you! -Big brother

In Big Brother, it's time to keep her promise and Renata heads to the field to cut Andre's mustache. Andre doesn't want to keep his promise but everyone encourages him and Sergio says that each tip of his mustache is 20 BB. Andre asks how much Renata will go and the competitor says it's just a centimeter, but Andre doesn't want that. Everyone succeeds in convincing the rival, and Renata cuts off the ends of Andre's mustache one by one. The competitors try to see if both sides are equal and Andrei says he will start crying and asks Renata for a kiss. Everyone encourages the kiss and calls Gabriel. Sergio suggests that Andrei close his eyes and as soon as he closes them, Gabrielle gives him a kiss and Andrei becomes, literally, hysterical and everyone screams and laughs. Renata ends up leaving the field and Andre says “one cherry out of a thousand is ready” and everyone laughs. When Andre passes the kitchen, Alex says to Andre “You're stealing my wife”… and they both laugh. At Esfera, the competitors comment on Alex's attitude and Renata thinks her friend is upset. Kika asks them to call “Zé Corno” in reference to Alex and they joke with the competitor while he washes the dishes… Alex ends up going to the competitors and tells André that Domingo will be on the menu. In the kitchen, Sampaio and Panelo ask Andre if the kiss was good and if he felt anything, but he says that everything happened too quickly and that he hopes he won't be disappointed if the pictures go by and Sampaio says it was the first kiss. At home Andrei ends up sharing with his colleagues that Renata is now more free, Sampaio tells his colleague that he has to give the second one and Andrei thinks that it is really true, “because otherwise, you wouldn't be like this.” .

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