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The first laptop with a RISC-V processor focused on Metaverse

The first laptop with a RISC-V processor focused on Metaverse

The first laptop with a processor based on the new RISC-V architecture has been officially announced. The device is called ROMA and was created by the hands of companies DeepComputing and Xcalibyte. Another important point is that this machine is ready for the Metaverse.

Thus, this is an interesting novelty, as many companies are already welcoming RISC-V technology, such as Intel Corporation. Let’s get to know this machine a little better.

Announced the first laptop with a CPU RISC-V

DeepComputing and Xcalibyte have announced the pre-order phase of their ROMA laptop, the first with a processor based on the RISC-V architecture. Posted by The official blog of the international RISC-V communityThis new device is designed for programmers who want to run their software natively in RISC-V.

Engineering work is done by DeepComputing, Xcalibyte is focused on the software, but other partner brands are developing this equipment. And when we look at this laptop, we realize that in terms of design it looks like a regular notebook.

At the moment, many details of the ROMA laptop have not been revealed yet, but it is known that it has a quad-core RISC-V processor that provides integrated graphics and a NPU (Neural Processing Unit) dedicated to graphics acceleration and artificial intelligence. There will also be free updates to the SoC and SOM.

The ROMA laptop has 16GB LPDDR4X memory and 256GB internal storage, and it is also indicated that it will support most Linux operating systems under certain conditions.

An intriguing detail is that the packaging of this laptop has become a support for it, designed by Pedro André®, as we can see in the photo below.

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According to Mark Himmelstein, Chief Technology Officer at RISC-V International “The original RISC-V assembly is a major milestone. The ROMA platform will benefit programmers who wish to test their software locally on RISC-V. And the code developed on this platform should be easy to port to other systems.”

Metaverse ready laptop

Partners for this project include XC, which is dedicated to the crypto sector, and the LatticeX Foundation, which focuses on PoS and NFT blockchain technology.

In turn, Yuning Liang, founder and CEO of Xcalibyte and DeepComputing adds, “With PoS, NFT, and an integrated MetaMask wallet, ROMA was born for the Metaverse. This is the laptop of the future. We will spare no effort to bring the best native RISC-V development experience to developers".

It is also noted that the first 100 customers who pre-order ROMA will receive an exclusive NFT to celebrate the arrival of the world's first RISC-V development laptop. Additionally, a copy of ROMA with your name or company name written in it can still be obtained, but stock is limited.