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Três primeiras lojas da Lidl na Madeira previstas em 2023

The first three Lidl stores in Madeira are planned for 2023

This news reached our newsroom with a statement, revealing that Lidl Group is announcing its expansion into the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with the potential to open three stores by 2023. This is not the first announcement in this regard, although it is now emerging more publicly. Selection and even with schedule and amounts involved.

With a consolidated presence in Portugal, from the north to the south of the country, in a network of 265 stores, the retailer is now expanding its operations to the Autonomous Region of Madeira, with an investment of €100 million and the first three stores planned for 2023.

150 jobs in the region

Lidl Portugal’s entry into the region is also aimed at boosting the local economy, not only through partnerships with local suppliers but also in hiring employees, it was announced. In this sense, in 2023, about 150 new jobs will be created, with purchases from Maderan, suppliers of commercial and commercial services, estimated at 20 million euros.

Sustainability remains one of the retailer’s main focus, which is why, in extending its reach to Madeira, its stores will be equipped with photovoltaic panels, as well as multi-standard, fast-charging electric charging stations, making it possible to recharge 80% of the battery in just 30 minutes, This allows refueling during a regular shopping trip. Your fleet will also be 100% electric.

265 stores from north to south

In Portugal for 26 years, and committed to overcoming the challenges of the future, Lidl has continually invested in the country and in strengthening its operations in the national territory – which currently has a network of 265 stores, from north to south – in order to offer maximum quality at the best prices, while following a strategy Proximity and simplicity to its customers.

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8200 employees

In Portugal for more than 25 years, Lidl has more than 8,200 employees, distributed in 265 stores, from north to south of the country, four regional divisions and warehouses, as well as its headquarters: Santo Tirso (North), Torres Novas (West), Sintra (center) and Palmilla (south). According to an impact study conducted by independent consultancy KPMG, in 2018, Lidl Portugal contributed 2,120 million euros in terms of wealth creation, which represents 1% of the national GDP.

Representation in 32 countries

Lidl, a retail company of the German Schwarz Group, is one of the market leaders at the European level. It is represented in 32 countries and has about 11,550 stores and more than 200 distribution centers in 30 countries.