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The first tweet was using only the mind

The first tweet was using only the mind

Elon Musk's Neuralink has reached another milestone. Noland Arbaugh, 29, who was paralyzed after a diving accident, has become the first person to tweet using only his thoughts, thanks to Neuralink's innovative brain implant.

Elon Musk, co-founder of Neuralink

The Neuralink implant, called "telepathy," gives Arbo the ability To control technology with your thoughts. Elon Musk enthusiastically shared Arbo's tweet, calling it "the first ever thought-provoking post!"

Twitter banned me because they thought I was a bot, and @X and @elonmusk reinstated me because I am.

Arbo joked tweet.

Arbo received the transplant in January. Recently, Neuralink live-streamed the world's first demonstration of an implant patient playing chess online, demonstrating the extraordinary capabilities To restore independence to people with paralysis.

The surgery was very easy. I was literally discharged from the hospital the next day. I do not have any cognitive disabilities.

Arbo says.

Your enthusiasm is understandable

Earlier this week, we saw that the device allows you to play the Civilization VI video game for eight hours straight – Capacity that was lost.

According to Reuters, Kip Ludwig, former director of the Neuroengineering Program at the US National Institutes of Health, offers a balanced view. Although he does not consider this a radical advance, he sees it as a promising start for the technology And a clear improvement in Arbo's quality of life.

The FDA cited record-keeping and animal welfare issues during recent inspections. However, there is still the ability to overcome paralysis through brain-computer interfaces It is a sign of great hope for the future of assistive technology.

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Neuralink's next target, the Blindsight device, is currently being developed It promises to restore vision or even create it. Musk's statement for 2022 is ambitious: "Even if someone never had sight before, like if they were born blind, we believe we can restore sight."

Neuralink has already proven its ability to achieve this Things that seem impossible.

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