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The fitness day promises to excite people at the youth centre

The fitness day promises to excite people at the youth centre

Ni Jose Santana
Sports integrity and quality of life

Rhythm, aerobics, batting and gymnastics lessons promise to excite the crowd on Saturday (6) in São José dos Campos. The Fitness Day, in celebration of World Health Day, will take place from 9am at the Youth Center located at Rua Aurora Pinto da Cunha, 131, Jardim América.

The event, promoted by the City Council and the social organization São José Desportivo, is free and open to people of all ages, with no prior registration required. Simply arrive minutes before the activity wearing appropriate sportswear and participate in exercises that will be led by teachers on the pavilion platform.

There will be two hours of aerobic activity, expected to bring together around 500 people, including students attending activities in the sports units at City Hall and the general public.

The organization requests donations of packages of wheat flour or corn flour to be donated to the Social Solidarity Fund.

World Health Day is celebrated every year on April 7, and is an important day to reflect on adopting habits and care that provide health and quality of life, such as maintaining regular clinical monitoring, frequent physical activities and a balanced diet.

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Sports integrity and quality of life

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