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The flight arrives in Sunken City on April 12

Blizzard has announced that Journey to the Sunken City, Hearthstone’s first 2022 expansion, will enter the game on April 12. Players will be able to use 135 new cards as they explore the secrets of the sunken city and discover what lies beneath the surface against massive sea creatures and territorial survivors.

Voyage to the Sunken City Pre-order Already in the air. The bundle ($159.00) is for new Hearthstone players, offering 80 Sunken City Voyage card packs, 5 Sunken City Voyage Gold packs, 2 random Sunken City Voyage Legendary cards, Hero Queen Azshara for Mage, Azshara card back, and 5 packs Mercenary and Battlegrounds Perks.

More details about the expansion can be found below via Blizzard. Additional information can be seen in this link.

What lurks beneath the surface?
Players will join a group of explorers on an expedition to the ancient city of Zain Azhari, which has been lost under the waves for more than ten thousand years. Adventurers new and old alike will find a beautiful and terrifying world with keywords capable of changing their decks, and use powerful new cards to take on terrifying new minions in order to survive in Sunken City!

New customer type
surviving Destroyed by their lust for power and cursed forever, the vengeful Naga is a new type of minions that will remain in Hearthstone with this expansion. Nagas are a type of minions that synergize with spells and generally give rewards when one or more spells are played with the Naga in hand.

new keyword
dredge – Hate it when the most needed card is at the bottom of the deck? Your problems are over! Dredge is the new keyword that lets you look at three cards at the bottom of your deck and pick one to bring it to the top. You can combine cards with Dragar with new Azharan cards that send a powerful Underwater card to the bottom of your deck. Whether you want underwater treasure, a great new mythical, or the perfect amulet, Dragar can find exactly what you need.

new keyword
enormous The depths of the ocean are home to many giant creatures you’ve never seen before. These sea monsters are too big to fit on one card! Minions that contain the keyword Colossal come with supplements that have a strong synergy with the main body. These extensions are called with the main body, even if they are not thrown directly from the hand.