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The “flower without time” has arrived!  The cast gathered to watch the premiere

The “flower without time” has arrived! The cast gathered to watch the premiere

This was on Monday, January 30th, that A flower without timethe new TV series from SIC, which features Barbara Branko And Francisco Froese in leadership roles.

As usual, with each new suggestion of the novel by the channel, the cast gathered in the Empresa building, in the Paço de Arcos, to watch the first episode of the plot. In addition to the main characters, Maria Joao BastosAnd Marina MutaAnd Joseph Wallenstein And Joanna Santos They were some of the many names that were present at the beginning of the telenovela.

according to Daniel OliveiraDirector of Programs at SICA flower without time It contains many elements that promise to thrill viewers, from Katarina’s love story [Bárbara Branco] and Vasco [Francisco Froes] And the daughter’s search for her mother. “I think it has the ingredients that appeal to the audience, in the sense that it has the right dose of a dramatic central storyline, and it has moments of comedy that are also essential to the times we live in, and are best interpreted by names like Marina Motta. It has a protagonist with great talent, which I think will captivate the audience, and Inês Gomes’ writing has the ability for all the characters to have a very strong intensity, so that all the plots connect.“, highlighted.

Pay attention to the site SIC and the Fama Show for more news and curiosities about the telenovela.

Marina Mota and Luisa Cruz
Victor Silva e Costa
Albano Geronimo and Maria Joao Bastos
Francisco Froes, Diogo Amaral, and Vitor Silva e Costa
Joseph Wallenstein
Christina Homem de Mello
Adriano Luz
Diogo Amaral
Dania Netto
Deborah Montero, Francisco Froese, and Rita Blanco
Barbara Branko
Daniel Oliveira
Joao Manera
Jorge Corolla
Mariana Cardoso and Pia Wong
Diogo Valsacena
Luis Espartero, Bruna Quintas, Diogo Valsacena, and Luis Janeto
Bruna Quintas

Photographs: Roy Valido

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