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The flu “attacked” in Moreirense: “There were people who did not even train”

The flu “attacked” in Moreirense: “There were people who did not even train”

Moreirense coach, Rui Borges, defended today, Friday, the need for the Vanguards to provide “concentration and focus” when they receive Estoril, in the 17th round of the league.

The 42-year-old coach believes that the defeat against Casa Pia, in the previous round, was due to “a less accomplished match,” and he expected “a two-month cycle of good matches,” against opponents such as Porto and Sporting. and S.P. Braga.

“The next matches will be three times more difficult than the previous ones. Focus and concentration should be greater. Commitment and action must be ingrained from the beginning of the game to the end. He said: We will play a series of good matches.

Estoril is coming off two defeats to Sporting and FC Porto, which Rui Borges underestimates: “Apart from the last two games, Estoril is a very aggressive team in the final third, with a lot of dynamics, a lot of movement, likes to have the ball and appreciates the game.” a lot. We have to be cohesive, organized and proactive, which is what we lacked in the last match. “We are a competitive team and they give us few chances.”

Captain Moreira de Conejos also revealed that the team had the flu during the week, meaning some players had not trained.

“There were people who didn't even train during the week. We will play with 11 players and we have to be competitive. It's been a tough week. Let's try to understand who is the best in the game.”

Furthermore, Rui Borges also praised Vinicius Mingotti, a winter booster and striker capable of attacking from deep, with “good finishing ability and interesting athletically”.

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Today, Saturday, Moreirense will play at Estoril Stadium, starting at 8:30 pm, in the 17th round of the league.