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The flu vaccination campaign starts Monday (12) in Capivari de Baixo

The H1N1 influenza vaccination campaign begins on Monday (12), in Capivari de Baixo. The elderly population, who has always been the priority group for immunization, will stay this time for a later stage due to the fact that they are already protected with doses against Covid-19.

As a result, the priority groups in this first stage are children 6 months to 5 years old, 11 months and 29 days old, and children with some form of comorbidity, up to 8 years old. This initial phase continues until May 10th. Postpartum women and pregnant women are also in the priority group.

While vaccinating these target audiences, the municipality’s health department will organize the deployment of other groups, including the portion of elderly people who have finished vaccination against Covid. The event will take place in the series’ inoculation rooms, at ESFs Três de Maio and Centro I.

Mayor Dr. Vicente Correia Costa called on residents to take this very important dose against the influenza virus. The application is reported annually. We divide the audience well so that there is no crowding, and each stage usually lasts about 30 days. We will continue to assess the need for D-Day. We will protect our population to the fullest extent, as we are already doing with the Covid-19 and Yellow Fever campaigns. “

Seniors will get their dose guaranteed

The Municipal Health Secretariat asks the elderly to be reassured about ensuring vaccination against H1N1. Based on the recommendation of the Ministry of Health, which fears that the vaccination factor will show reactions when interacting with the other, the recommendation is to give priority to the vaccine against Covid.

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There is still no conclusive information regarding the time to wait for vaccination against H1N1 after vaccination with Covid. Capivari will issue an official announcement in due time on the waiting period to follow and when the H1N1 vaccine will be available.

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