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The flu vaccine is available to all residents

The flu vaccine is available to all residents


Learn about any basic health units for the flu vaccine It is applied.

The Municipal Health Administration – SEMUS announces that vaccinations against (influenza) are already available to all residents, from 6 months of age onwards.

To receive the vaccination, you must bring proof of residence, a document with a photo and the vaccination card.

Check below the addresses of primary healthcare units where vaccinations are applied:

Address of the main health units that apply the influenza vaccine. Photo: reproduction.

The importance of influenza vaccination in times of pandemic

With the threat of the Corona virus, influenza immunization is becoming more important, as the vaccine leaves the immune system protected by 80% of the strains of the influenza virus, which is thousands of times more common than the Corona virus.


But it is important to note that the flu vaccine does not reduce the risk of contracting the coronavirus. But by protecting the most vulnerable population, the injection prevents the flu from overtaking the respiratory system. It is known that the coronavirus tends to cause complications among those who are weakened by disease or carry other infectious agents in the body.

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