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The former Beatle is still on stage

The former Beatle is still on stage

Paul McCartney reappeared in the late 1980s. He finally overcame the horror of the murder of his friend and comrade John Lennon. The brilliant left-hander tied his Hafner violin pass and climbed back onto the world stages. And in October 1989: When you entered the Frankfurt Fest, it’s more terrifying than any other concert with the big stars you’ve enjoyed so far – it’s different than Tina Turner, Peter Gabriel or Euritmix, Michael Jackson. , U2 and Madonna.

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Return 1989 – You shared the concert hall with a real beetle

Because, on October 6, 1989, you shared a room with a real beetle, with only three people left in the world at that time (four, the whole five beetles were not actually counted). You were with the man who wrote these songs forever: Hey Jude, Let It Be, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, She Loves You. No illusions, no holograms (incarnations have not been questioned for 30 years) – but Paul McCartney is, in fact, turning 80 today. He shook his head, sang “You Can’t Buy Me Lovingly” and “My Brave Face”, and now the adult Beatles shouted as loudly as the girls did in 1966 at the Circus Crown.

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With mushroom hairstyles, collarless suits and four friends feeling, it went around the world since 1962. The Great Beatles thing lasted incredibly long until the 1970s – when John Lennon was alive again in 1992, there was only one parallel world in the series “For All Mankind”.

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After the Fab Four division, Paul was fired as a minister

After the Beatles split, McCartney was dismissed as a minister who wrote “funny love songs”. John Lennon, on the other hand, was exaggerated – a radical bard with politically simple language, a rebel and a dreamer of a better world. But in 1972 McCartney sang the angry song “Give Ireland back to Ireland!” For the freedom of the people of Northern Ireland. There is evidence to the contrary. EMI wanted to get rid of it, the BBC banned it, Paul did not care.

During their performance in Munich on June 24, 1966, they rocked the Circus Crown: The Beatles, (from left) George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and John Lennon. Photo: Image Alliance / dpa +++ dpa-Bildfunk +++

You have to listen to the songs of his other band Wings and solo albums and find endless class things beyond hits like “Band on the Run”, “Coming Up” or “Hope of Deliverance”. : Tender “Deliver Your Children”, “Sea-Moon”, “Rain Clouds”, “Summer of 59”, “People Want Peace” or “Here Today” for dead friend John.

Inner Note: McCartney’s third album, nicknamed The Fireman

McCartney tried his hand equally at Electro and Arterio. The third album under the nickname The Fireman may have been a sequel to “Let It Be”. Two (rough) thieves from “Two Macbeths” steal from the white album “Blackbird”, the little bird. McCartney did not really eliminate the Beatles. More philosophically: “I still believe you only need love,” he said on his 60th birthday.

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John Lennon is still with him. Paul is said to have repeatedly asked him if his songs were successful. In these spirit conversations, a friend who died 42 years ago worked magically well like a museum. However, Paul could not prepare himself for the re-introduction of the famous artist signature Lennon & McCartney.

“McCartney III” – A master stroke that occurred during the Lockdown period

In 2005, on the heavy ballad “Riding to Vanity Fair”, McCartney “sang along with every song” depressing the youth of the past, reminiscent of the days when “every day was young.” Body began to believe every line. “He sang before, but differently:” Yesterday, all my troubles were far away … “Most recently, during Lockdown, he recorded another wonderful, sound-polished solo song,” McCartney III. ” When it comes “.

The song takes us back to the 1970s when McCartney’s post-Beatles life began, with paintings of curious young foxes and much – needed fence repairs, and he, along with his wife and romantic Linda, finds a home for his life in the country. (Died 1998) formed a young family. At the same time, the present report of a man now 80 years old, though he is still blessed with signs of youth, is undoubtedly approaching his winter. The song of life.

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Live, of course, is the same as it was in Frankfurt in 1989. Such a huge McCartney evening will last – the US tour ended in East Rutherford, New Jersey on the heels of yesterday (and he will soon catch his Hanover Open air, which erupted in 2020 due to the Corona) – he looks set to become the youngest protagonist. Dylan once mentioned the event in the song “My Back Pages”. The double chin disappears, the skin tightens and in the middle of such a festival one thing is for sure: the Macca 2022 still looks like the Macca 2002. At the same time a portrait of Paul McCartney in the Tourjet locker may have aged him.

So we say “Cheers!”, Dear Paul McCartney, Beetle milk or simply milk: 80th congratulations! And hey, you’re as old as you think, 55 years ago you did not lose your hair as you feared in the song “When I was 64”. Nancy will open the bottle of wine with you today. Snack for the gardener you have become as the song says. They pulled out all the weeds until there was a big bed. Of your eight grandchildren, none of them are called Vera, Chuck or Dave, but if they were not, they could still be. Anyway, at 94, Nancy and the rest of us in the audience need you (feed you if you need to).

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