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The former Danish defense minister admitted to the secret wiretapping deal with the US - and now he's accused

The former Danish defense minister admitted to the secret wiretapping deal with the US – and now he’s accused

Former Danish Defense Minister Klaus Hjort Frederiksen spoke on TV about a secret wiretapping agreement. He is accused of revealing state secrets. The head of the Danish electronic service is already in prison, accused of the same thing.

Former Danish Defense Minister Klaus Hjort Frederiksen (centre) has confirmed that he is accused of violating the limits of his freedom of expression. Taken here with former NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen in 2019.

During an appearance on TV 2 News’ “Lippert” show, Frederiksen stated that a secret wiretapping agreement had been made between then Danish Prime Minister Paul Nyerop and US President Bill Clinton.

The agreement was that they would drain the internet cables for information.

The news agency “Ritzau” wrote that the verdict on these statements is the basis for the accusation against the former defense minister.

He also said that the Armed Forces Intelligence Service (FE) had set up filters in an effort to ensure that the US intelligence agency, the National Security Agency (NSA), had no access to information about Danish citizens.

Confirmed shipment

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He was responsible for looking after the relationship with the CIA and the National Security Agency. Then the intelligence chief was monitored by his character.

– I can confirm that I am accused under the Penal Code of violating the limits of my freedom of expression. I have stated myself as a parliamentary representative on a political issue, and I currently have nothing to add, Frederiksen said in a statement.

He served as Denmark’s Minister of Defense between 2016 and 2019 and represents the Liberal Party. He also held the position of Minister of Finance.

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The Armed Forces Intelligence (FE) is central to the intelligence scandals now rocking Denmark. The organization’s headquarters are located at Castelt Castle in Copenhagen.

According to Ritzau, he is charged under Article 109 of the Danish Penal Code, which relates to the disclosure or transmission of state secrets.

Fifth shipment in a short time

Section 109 of the Penal Code is not a widely used section in Denmark. The penalty is up to twelve years in prison.

“I could never have dreamed of doing something that might harm Denmark or its interests,” Frederiksen continues.

He is the fifth person to be indicted under this section in a short time.

On December 8, the head of Denmark’s Armed Forces Intelligence (FE), Lars Vindsen, and three current or former employees of the country’s two intelligence services were also indicted.

The head of Denmark’s Defense Intelligence Service (FE), Lars Vindsen, is now in prison.

In this case, the Police Intelligence Service (PET) said the suspicion was related to the leaking of highly classified information, but the cause of the case was not explained.

The role of the warning media

On the other hand, the Danish media reported that there was talk that the heads of PET and FE went to several media houses and warned of the consequences of publishing specific classified information – which was later reproduced in the media.

Vindsen denied wrongdoing and, after a January 10 hearing, called the accusation “crazy”.

It is not known if the charges against Frederiksen are linked to the December 8 charges.

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The Danish Ministry of Defense does not want to comment on the accusation against Frederiksen.