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The former Germany national team star has been sentenced to parole for distributing offensive material - VG

The former Germany national team star has been sentenced to parole for distributing offensive material – VG

Conditional prison sentence: Christoph Metzelder from This Week’s Trial. Photo: INA FASSBENDER / AFP

He played the World Cup Finals in 2002 and the European Championship Finals in 2008. Now Christoph Metzelder (40) has been sentenced to ten months in prison.


It became clear on Thursday afternoon. to me Southgerman Newspaper Metzelder pleaded guilty in part to court and admitted sending 18 files of offensive material by minors.

Metzelder was also charged with possessing 297 assault files, but he pleaded not guilty.

– I agree to the verdict and ask for pardon for victims of sexual violence, the former footballer said in connection with this week’s trial.

Metzelder is said to have sent the pictures to three different women. Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote that the photos and videos were found on the Metzelder phone by investigators.

– Extreme fantasies have been exchanged in these chats, the 40-year-old said.

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Midfielder: German Metzelder was for a time among the world’s leading midfielder, as has been the case here ever since at Real Madrid. Photo: MANU FERNANDEZ / AP

The 40-year-old has played for big clubs such as Borussia Dortmund, Real Madrid and Schalke 04. He has also played 47 caps for Germany, including the World Cup Final in 2002 and the European Championship Final in 2008 – both ended in German losses.

The German’s career was ultimately marked by several injuries and he retired as a professional soccer player in 2013, at the age of 32.

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During his career, Metzelder participated in several major victories. He won the German League in the 2001/02 season with Borussia Dortmund, the League in the 2007/08 season with Real Madrid and the German Cup with Schalke 04 in the 2010/11 season.

EM FINAL: Metzelder I duel with Fernando Torres under the EM 2008 Final. Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV / AFP

He has also won several awards for his volunteer work, and Metzelder says he will return all public awards in respect of past and future winners.

Metzelder worked for many years as an expert and expert commentator on Sky Deutschland, but lived in isolation after the case first became known on September 3, 2019. Police then carried out a raid, searching his home in Düsseldorf.

– September 3, 2019 was a turning point, professionally, socially and discreetly, Metzelder reported in court.