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The French duo was taken to hospital after a new accident in Mortagua in the Rally of Portugal – Methods

The French duo was taken to hospital after a new accident in Mortagua in the Rally of Portugal – Methods

French driver Tom Perry and navigator Alexis Maillivert (Renault Clio) were taken to Coimbra Hospital on Friday as a precaution, after being involved in an accident in the final stage of the Rally of Portugal, in Mortagua.

The team with car No. 68 was involved in a rollover accident at the end of the first round of the 57th edition of the Portuguese Rally, the fifth race of the World Championship, in the final special stage of the day, in Mortagua, which had already overturned and was the scene of two other rollovers in the pass. The first.

According to a security source at the gathering, “the two crew members left the car by their own means.”

The same source told Lusa: “Only later did they file some complaints and call emergency services, and they were taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure, after they considered their injury to be minor.”

In the same section, Northern Irishman William Creighton (Ford Fiesta) also flipped, with no physical consequences for the driver or co-driver Liam Regan.

The department ended up shutting down due to the two incidents.

Early in the morning, organizers stopped the first pass through the Mortágua private race due to two similar accidents suffered by competitors at different times in the race.

Firstly, it was Spanish driver Pepe Lopez, from WRC2, who flipped his Ford Fiesta, after letting the back of his car slide too much, and ended up hitting the dirt hill on the outside of the curve and flipping over.

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The accident did not have any physical consequences for the pilot or navigator, David Vasquez.

Meanwhile, the Japanese car Yuki Yamamoto (Toyota Yaris) also overturned at the 15th kilometer of this first section, bringing the competition to a complete halt in the Mortagua stage.

The pilot and navigator, Markku Salminen, were not injured.