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The French teen has 40 different personalities and struggles to turn to assisted suicide

Olymp He is 23 years old and suffers from multiple personality disorder, a mental disorder capable of drastically changing a person’s behavior. The young French woman, who supposedly has 40 different personalities, wants to resort to assisted suicide, but the doctors refuse to do so.

the Youtube She documented her struggles to end her life in an euthanasia clinic. to me daily MailShe recently told Olymp that she has more than 250,000 subscribers on her channel “Le Journal d’Olympe” that was “Contact Doctors” In Belgium, where assisted suicide is legal.

However, the Belgian doctor Yves de Lugtto whom the young lady called, he said to Le Parisien That clinics were not “euthanasia dispensers” and that the process may take several months or even years before someone resorts to assisted suicide.

This young woman announced the end of her life at the end of the year [2023]. This date certainly does not come from me. I need a lot of information before I can think of meeting her.”the health professional said, adding that the country is tired of being portrayed as “death suite” to France, where assisted suicide is illegal.

Running Instagram, DR

“In the last quarter of 2023, I will resort to Belgium-assisted suicide. I am already in contact with the doctors. It’s not a discussion. This is my life. It’s a decision I made and it was hard to make.”Olymp said in the post dated InstagramPointing out that he is no longer able to deal with his mental state and with certain events in his life such as sexual abuse and moving between different nurseries during childhood.

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The young woman – who continues to share content about her trip to Thailand – also confirmed that she did not want to be “Example” For young people and encourages those with dark thoughts to “Find people around you that you can count on”.

In Europe, euthanasia is legal in four countries: Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Spain. Assisted suicide is illegal in most of Europe. The difference between the two characters is who makes the decisive gesture to provoke death. Although Switzerland allows assisted suicide, Active euthanasia Not cool.

last year, Shanti cutalso 23, chose to end his life in Belgium, claiming mental anguish “Unbearable”. The young woman was traumatized as a witness to the ISIS attack on Brussels Airport in 2016.

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