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The frontiers of the Vikings, and the power of the Norsemen

The frontiers of the Vikings, and the power of the Norsemen

All the magic and mysticism surrounding the Vikings continues to fuel the imagination of many of us. Viking Frontiers, which is currently in the testing phase, is one such example in particular.

Over the past few years, Vikings (through the games and TV series) have gained a lot of magic and a special charm that means they have become a subject matter that is greatly appreciated by thousands of people.

One of the biggest examples of this is God of War Ragnarok (video game) or the Vikings series (Netflix) but there are many others. One of these games could be Viking Frontiers, an action-survival game that is about to be released.

The story of Viking Frontiers takes place at a time when the people of the North are experiencing great turmoil. From what we're told, a series of unexpected events prompts players to leave their lands and set out across the seas, only to end up discovering a new landing in a distant, unknown land.

As expected, the challenge, if players accept it, will be to convert the access point to their city and, little by little, turn it into a safe and successful fortification.

As the leader of his group, the player will have to figure out how to take advantage of everything the new land has to offer him, and in this way, promote the growth of his village and its people. Managing the needs, laws, activities and living conditions of clan members will be part of your responsibilities to ensure the health and well-being of your people.

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However, not everything will be opportunities, and many threats are waiting for the right moment to attack and cause damage.

The choices the player makes throughout their adventure will shape their fate and profile. The player can take a more hunting or farming focused stance, but on the other hand they can also take a path more related to religion or even develop their building skills.

In fact, it will be possible to combine some of these points, so the possibilities are many and varied, depending only on the player's moment-to-moment choices.

Survival is the main goal, and as such, players will have to discover (at every moment) their own ways to achieve this. In addition to the skills that the player will develop, he will also have the ability to use and improve various tools that will help him in the task of growing and becoming stronger, in this new land full of dangers and threats.

Viking Frontiers is a game that combines different elements of games such as RPG, Survival, Simulation or Strategy. It is a game that blends all of this in order to provide players with a different experience. This is from a first person perspective.

But more... Viking Frontiers gives players the freedom to choose to experience the game's main story and side quests at their leisure. Or just explore this new, uncharted land and delve deeper into your favorite activities. It is a free game that wants to allow players freedom of choice and decision.