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The futuristic Razer mask is now on sale - Multimedia

The futuristic Razer mask is now on sale – Multimedia

futuristic razer mask, Presented at CES earlier this yearIt became a commercial product and went on sale this morning. Zephyr is available in two packs. The simplest kit includes a mask, bag, USB-C charging cable, anti-fog, and three sets of N95 filters, which last for nine days (each lasting an average of 72 hours). In the most complete version, the package has it all, but the included 33 filters give you 99 days.

Zephyr can be ordered through the company’s website and costs $99.99 for the basic version and $149.9 for the more complete version. It is also possible to purchase new filters in the online store. A pack of 10 is a month’s supply and costs $29.99. However, all packages – both mask and filters – have already been exhausted and at the moment you can only be asked to be notified when new units are available for sale.

The Razer Mask started as a prototype but got so much enthusiasm that the brand decided to turn it into a commercial product. It has an integrated ventilation system, made of transparent plastic, to facilitate connection, it has a connection, an application and a lot of lights.

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In terms of design, the appearance is similar to a gas mask. The tape that attaches the mask to the head is double according to the company to facilitate adjustment to any head size. This tape is made of silicone, the same material used in the membrane that adjusts the mask to the face. The front plastic has anti-fog coating and an active ventilation system that regulates air intake and its quality. This system can be controlled with a button on the mask itself and works with the support of fans that can circulate the air at two different speeds.

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One feature that was initially announced but not incorporated into this first commercial version of the product, was the user’s voice amplification system through the speakers and microphone. According to the company, the functionality has disappeared to make the mask lighter and to increase the size of the air intake areas.

Regarding the health certifications, Zephyr has nothing and has already confirmed that the mask has not been tested against Covid-19, nor does it intend to compete with these approved products, although it says that it is a safe mask for daily use in a social environment. However, the built-in N95 filters are 99% effective at filtering bacteria.

Razer is mostly known for its gaming peripherals. The marketing of the mask is the first, which still allows you to incorporate some of the usual components into the brand’s products, such as the customizable lighting system – Chroma RGB, which offers 16.8 million colors and various special effects.

Zephyr also has Bluetooth support and an app with which you can control the lighting system. The mask also has an internal battery with a maximum autonomy of eight hours.