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The Geezens: Robert Brods shared a video - "These pictures are shocking"

The Geezens: Robert Brods shared a video – “These pictures are shocking”

The Keys: Robert Keys Records Swank Video – Fans Go For Blocks: “These Pictures Are Shocking”

07/19/2021 at 10:05 pm

Robert Keys shares another insight into his luxury life - but it backfires a lot.

Robert Keys shares another insight into his luxury life – but it backfires a lot.

Photo: Imago / Smith

Luxury life Keysens Attracts his fans almost magically. After all, this is the perfect reason for Robert and Carmen Keys to become national television stars.

But there are some excerpts from the luxuries of everyday life Keysens Simply irrelevant. In Germany, for example, while thousands of people fear for their livelihood, more than 150 people lose their lives in the catastrophic floods.

The Keys: Robert Kayes shared a video during the flood disaster

Now, at all times, when there is only one title in the whole of Germany, “Kiesen family“The head of the family, Robert Keys, has a new video on Instagram. Countless people are without anything, especially in northern Rhine-Westphalia and the Rhineland-Palatinate.

As the 57-year-old says, two of his friends are now heading to Monaco: “I hope you have a good weekend.” Robert’s friend carries a designer bag, which costs about 2,500 euros, with a Rolls-Royce. This view cannot be surpassed in luxury.


These are the keywords:

  • A jet set family from Keynes Cologne
  • Carmen Keys and Robert Keys have been married since 1994
  • Devina (18) and Shania (16) for entrepreneurial couple
  • Since 2011 they have had their own TV show “The Keynes – A Terribly Glamorous Family”
  • The family has been living in the south of France since 2015


Keysons: Fans go to the blocks – “Posting such images is different”

Followers of the RTL 2 star are horrified. As for the clip, which could have been happier at any other time, Robert Keys is now getting a bad shit storm in the comments:

  • “Totally tastes and next to it today !!!! Did you see any news ?? This will not be a ‘wonderful’ weekend for many. “
  • “Robert, I like you so much. These pictures alone shock us here the most. “
  • “It’s weird to post pictures like that when a lot of people die and lose everything.”
  • “Should there be something now ???”
  • “It’s good to use a helicopter to rescue flood areas !!!!”

The water in Germany has receded a little, but is now ahead of the hard-working victims. Now is the time to clean and check if your belongings are still usable.


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