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The gender of the second child remains a “secret of the gods.”

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On June 21, Rita Pereira surprised everyone by announcing that she was pregnant with her second child. The day before yesterday, at the TVI summer party, the actress confirmed that she already knew the baby's sex, without revealing it. “It's [no segredo dos deuses] “It will continue for a few more months,” he said, highlighting growing curiosity.

In a conversation with journalist Rafaela Granado, Rita ruled out that she saves the news for the tea of ​​revelation, “with a lot of pomp and circumstance”. “No, I think it's ridiculous, I think it's ridiculous. I wouldn't do anything like that,” he said.

In 2018, when she was expecting her first child, Luno, who was born on December 27, the artist only revealed that it was a boy two weeks ago, a statement she will likely repeat.

Rita Pereira also says that she has already chosen a name for the baby, as a result of her relationship with French producer Guillaume Lalonge. “This is the name that no one will be able to say, and in two months everyone will say it openly. This is what he told journalists on the sidelines of the Rock in Rio Lisbon festival, recalling that “just like Luno, it was a film!”

Due to a new television series, the national fantasy star had to publicly acknowledge her pregnancy earlier than planned. “It was because I was going to start working and I had to inform TVI. From the moment I tell the channel, you (journalists) eventually know,” he explained. Due to her slim state, she left the cast of the film “Huíla”, which will be recorded in Angola, with Margarida Corsero and Kelly Bailey as sisters.

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Away from the story, Rita wore a very bold boho look at the season’s party, designed in partnership with Atelier Fusion, “inspired by peace and love, since she is pregnant.”

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