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The German giant becomes a network validator

The German giant becomes a network validator

Deutsche Telekom, a telecommunications company from Germany, is about to leverage its Web3 infrastructure to become a Polygon network auditor. The Ethereum Network Scalability Protocol has around 100 validators that provide validation and storage services for the Polygon Supernets and solutions.

Meanwhile, Deutsche Telekom provides advisory services and software development, using its infrastructure to enhance network security and explore new revenue streams as validators of various blockchain protocols. In addition to Polygon, Deutsche Telekom is a validator of the Celo, Q, Flow, Ethereum, and Chainlink blockchains.

Polygon has become an important Level 2 within the Ethereum ETH ecosystem. After all, the network offers a wide range of scalability solutions, including side chains, data availability, and zero-knowledge pools, which were recently released in beta on the mainnet.

polygon mesh

By acting as a Polygon Investigator, Deutsche Telekom MMS will help secure the Polygon Proof-of-Stake sidechain and Sepernets chain, improving protocol security, decentralization, and governance.

The company will operate a full node, produce blocks and validate transactions, as well as implement checkpoints on the Ethereum mainnet.

In an interview regarding the announcement of the partnership, Dirk Röde, Director of the Center for Blockchain Solutions at Deutsche Telekom, stated:

“Deutsche Telekom is not only a well-known provider of infrastructure for mobile and Internet services, but it is also making significant commitments to expand its presence and reliability as an infrastructure provider in the field of Web 3.”

This partnership between Deutsche Telekom and Polygon is expected to further enhance the security and decentralization of the Polygon network. At the same time, this collaboration cements Deutsche Telekom’s position as a leading infrastructure provider for the emerging Web3 industry.

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