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"The girl has no interest..."

“The girl has no interest…”

In the “last hour” of “The Famous Big Brother” On Friday, April 15, the first night between Bruna Gomez and Bernardo Sosa was the topic of conversation.

After the first pictures where influential Brazilian pilot invites to sleep together, shot by Luisa Castel Branco: “I thought Mother Teresa Bruna was doing well. She gives everything for the show. He gives so much, that she made a sacrifice to give a good night for…that’s what she said, which made Bernardo’s dream come true. So she sacrificed herself and she sacrificed herself for a long time.” “..

But what happened? Nothing happened. It wasn’t even bombed, at least by bombing it. I better not say much about this couple because I have a lot to say.” – careful.

Then, while Catarina Miranda was talking about the pair, Luisa Castel Branco commented again: “It’s like people say, she must love that a girl doesn’t matter to her.”.

“But where is she in love? Where? Do you also believe in Santa Claus? Being jovial is one thing, and being in love is another. Now that the little boy has been hungry since he saw her, he is.” Later added.

Watch the moment here.

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