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The global chip crisis is exacerbating and already hitting Apple, BMW and Ford technologies

The global chip crisis is exacerbating and already hitting Apple, BMW and Ford technologies

The global chip deficit is getting worse by the day. Like tech giants Apple and Samsung Electronics, car makers on three continents have indicated production cuts and lost revenue due to the crisis.

In just 12 hours, Honda said it would stop production at three plants in Japan; BMW will reduce Transitions In factories in Germany and England. And Ford Motor has lowered Profit expectations Due to a shortage of chips, which is expected to continue until next year. Soon after, a caterpillar pointed out That may not be able to respond to the demand for used machinery by the construction and mining sectors.

Now, the same companies that have benefited from the surge in demand for cell phones, laptops and electronic products during the pandemic, which caused a shortage of chips, are upset. distance strong Q2, Apple’s CFO, Luca Maestre, warned Supply problems affected sales of the iPad and Mac, two products that performed particularly well on feedlots. This restriction is expected to reduce revenues by $ 3 billion to $ 4 billion in the third fiscal quarter, Maestre said.

“It’s a struggle, and we have to be in daily contact with suppliers. We have to make sure it’s important to them,” Nokia CEO Becca Lundmark said in an interview Thursday with Bloomberg TV.

“When there is a shortage in the market, the stronger the companies are on a global level, the stronger their relationships and the way they manage expectations,” the better they can handle the crisis.

Meanwhile, semiconductor manufacturers have reported increased sales and promised to invest billions to expand capacity while trying to keep up with demand. Qualcomm, the world’s largest smartphone chip maker, said: Search Through devices, it begins to recover with a return to normality in some markets paralyzed by the epidemic.

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STMicroelectronics, a major supplier of chips to auto manufacturers, said its auto and power unit profits jumped 280% in the first quarter. CEO Jean-Marc Sherry attributed the performance to a dizzying recovery in demand, as well as the industry’s adoption of new digital features requiring more chips for the new wave of supply chain constraints.

Samsung, which is the producer and user of the chips, He said On Thursday, a component shortage will contribute to lower revenues and profits this quarter in the mobile division that makes Galaxy smartphones.

In addition to Apple, which has put high-end, high-demand iPhones at the top of the queue, the lack of chips threatens to dampen the initial recovery in the smartphone market. Shipments around the world a plus About 27%, for 347 million devices in the first quarter, driven by the large number of new models and the rapid recovery after the epidemic in China. Component shortages may weaken this momentum through 2021.

“Covid-19 is still an important aspect, but it is no longer the main constraint,” Ben Stanton of Canalys wrote Thursday. “The supply of essential components, such as chipsets, is quickly becoming a major concern and will affect smartphone deliveries in the coming quarters.”