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The Google Phone app on Android actually announces who’s calling you

The Google apps for Android are a demonstration of what programmers should follow and take as an example. They use all capabilities of the system and can get the most out of it.

After viewing a file The change in the messaging appThere is a novelty in the mobile app, originally intended for calls. It can now advertise to Android users it contacts, to help learn more.

The Google app is for Android

Over the years, Google has improved its Android apps in many areas. It brings them many new features, and they are always looking to improve what is offered to users, and increase what is possible in the mobile operating system.

Now, to make the mobile app even better, Google has an important new feature of this Android staple. The app for phone calls can finally announce the users they are calling.

Find out who is calling on the mobile app

This news seems to have now been extended to everyone who uses this app to contact their smartphones. It will not be active by default, and users who want to use it must configure its use in the application.

In the phone app settings, you can find the caller ID announcement area. Within this one can then access the option to activate caller ad. It can always be used with headphones only or never activated.

A novelty that many already use

For many, it might be a known feature from other ROMs or from iOS. The truth is, with Google's spam filtering system, this will be an asset for Android. Without looking at the smartphone, you will always know who is calling.

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This new version will now be distributed with the latest version of the mobile app In the Play Store. With the app open to all users, they gain access to all the news generated by Google on Android which raises this suggestion to a much higher level.