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The government of Pernambuco has announced new restrictions to contain the H3N2 coronavirus. Check changes

On Monday evening, the Pernambuco government announced (10) new restrictive measures to contain the progression of covid-19 and H3N2 influenza in the state.

a report TV Newspaper I advanced, today, the possibility of what happened, In light of the increasing number of coronavirus and influenza cases in Pernambuco.

Who’s next Friday (14), a vaccination passport will be required to access food services, cinemas, theaters and museums.

low capacity events

The maximum capacity of the events will be reduced to three thousand people and, in addition to the requirement to prove two doses, it will be necessary to submit a negative test for Covid-19. Measurements are valid until January 31.

Proof of vaccination will be two doses or one dose for people up to 54 years of age and a booster dose for people over 55 years of age.

On occasions, in addition to the vaccine passport, submission of a negative covid test will be required, with 24 hours in advance for antigen checks and 48 hours for RT-PCR exams.

The maximum number of visitors will be 50% of the space capacity or 3,000 people in the open spaces and 1,000 people indoors.

The numbers are growing in the state

Occupancy in intensive care beds in the state reached 85% on Monday. We have a double problem with the influenza pandemic within the Covid pandemic. We have done our part to expand the family, but that alone will not be enough. Governor Paulo Camara said: “We are expanding the requirement for permissibility of vaccination to save lives and reduce the number of more than 500,000 people from Pernambuco who have not completed their immunization.”

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